Becoming a thought leader

Becoming a Thought Leader

The Straight Scoop on what it takes to own your Voice, Power and Purpose in the World


Thought leadership is MUCH more than having a good idea. It’s being willing to grow, expand, and step into a new state of authentic BE-ing. It’s a journey of creating new stories, practices, and identities so that we can navigate the obstacles to accessing our voice, purpose and personal power. Becoming a thought leader requires signing up for the full hero/ heroine’s journey. . . It’s not always easy, but it IS full of empowerment and growth if we can learn to stay open to the path of “brutiful” becoming.

In this training participants will receive a holistic (and honest!) framework for conceptualizing the journey of thought leadership as well as empowering tools to navigate the inherent challenges. The training will be a mix of lecture and experiential activities to support participants in more fully FEELING into themselves as thought leaders. By leaning into that new state of BEing, they will move toward BECOMING the bossed up & resilient person who can take innovative ideas into the world with faith, courage, and confidence.

Meet your Trainer – Meghan O’Malley

Meghan’s journey to unearth and live her own truth has been the inspiration fueling her coaching. After years of perfectionism, “fitting in” and living a life she thought she “should” live, she embraced a full life renovation and now lives from what she calls a place of “Fierce Love.”

She LOVES her work and she LIVES it daily by unapologetically embracing her own sense of heart-centered wholeness as a life coach, licensed psychotherapist, mom, conscious partner, intuitive empath, and hip hop dancer – Think energy psychology, quirky humor, and intuition meets applied neuroscience and a HUGE personal growth toolbox. . . set to a hip hop beat with some fabulous Beyoncé hair flips!

Meghan believes that courageously living into one’s authentic wholeness and power feels like freedom. . . and she’s on a mission to empower others in claiming the magical lives and relationships they most deeply desire.  

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