Live STreaming Hacks & Tactics

Live Streaming Hacks & Tactics


There’s no faster, nor exciting (and yes somewhat scary), way to connect and engage with your audience than going LIVE! These workshops will set you on a trajectory to “Livin’ the Stream.”  We will discuss the immense benefits of live streaming and of course dig into how and where to broadcast. There are a wide variety of platforms to deliver your message to and Matt will take you through some of the most commonly used to help you decide what’s best for you and your brand.

Meet your Trainer – Matt Dunn

Matt has 20+ years experience in a large variety of film and video production. He studied film in college and shortly after moved to Los Angeles to pursue “the dream” as many do. There he found himself entrenched in the industry and jumped into any production he could.

Matt has produced short and feature length films, owned and operated production companies, voiced for animation, commercials, and films. His is most recent startup, AV Live is all about, you guessed it, live streaming. He’ll likely always do freelance production as he likes to chew into snackable stories for his church as well as any person or organization that has a great story to tell.

He’s thrilled to be a part of the Asheville Play’s support team and Thought Leader Study Hall, helping members create the quality content they crave. Matt will not only be teaching, but will also provide tech support as studio engineer to ensure a quality product and get you looking and sounding your best. He’ll put on his producer hat for you as well!

So, say you’ve already captured video content. Now what? Matt will help you craft your content into a package you’ll be happy with as will your viewers. His editing background is exclusively Final Cut Pro X on the Apple platform. In his opinion, it’s the easiest and most pain free software on the market. However, if you prefer other platforms he’ll support you the best he can. He’s excited to get started with you. Let’s do this!