Mapping Your Sales Funnels

Session One (201) – Down The Rabbit Hole

What is a funnel? Why is it so important? What do I need to use them?

Sales funnels help your best-match targeted customers find their way to the products/service where you add the most value. Build a path for your prospects to gradually increase their confidence and trust in your offerings. Starting by casting a wide net (in the right places) attracting them with small, simple & low-commitment offerings which demonstrate your competence and trustworthiness. Then stepping up the value (and prices) of your offerings gradually, so eventually the best-matched, select few targeted clients are confident in paying for your most significant, big-ticket offering.

Session Two (301) – Climbing Your Value Ladder

Time to put the theories to the test. What are the pieces and parts and how do they translate into your business? Let’s spend some time addressing:

  • Who is your target – your best customer?
  • Where do your targets spend their time and attention?
  • What message will get their attention?
  • What type of relationship do you want with your customers?
  • What voice do you use to connect with them?
  • What are the offerings on your Value Ladder?

Meet your Trainer – Mike Ames

Mike Ames is a business coach, entrepreneurship instructor, occasional creative, & host/speaker. Mike supports clients with their business model, strategy & performance optimization – working with what you have, filling in the gaps, proactively & creatively exploring what could be.

Mike has 35 years of experience in management, including 10 years at The Coca-Cola Co, a Michigan MBA ’92, and has spent the last 15+ years working in various startup companies and communities – advocating the virtues of building a solid foundation underneath your grand (ad)venture (solid answers to the who, what, why, how, & how much?)