podcasting: Production & launch strategies

Podcasting: Production & Launch Strategies

This course is your jump-in with both feet and get-practical so you can be ready to Produce and Launch your Podcast. At the end of the class you will be ready to accelerate the production, marketing and promotion of your podcast and begin to create listeners, subscribers and early revenue streams.

As soon as you enroll you will begin working and researching for the first class where we jump into production structure, content approaches, production logistics and planning. We will create schedules and review templated approaches as well as 1-stop podcasting services so you can decide how best to launch your podcast.

Your launch strategy will also be planned and assessed so that during the class we can begin to refine specific platforms for promoting the community of listeners you want to join or create.

This combination of both production and launch strategies is an unprecedented opportunity to move directly from this class towards creating the podcast that reflects your passion and vision for this medium. And even if you have a podcast already in circulation you may benefit from production efficiencies and savings as well as new ways to create and access additional listeners.

When you complete this course you will be ready to create your podcast the following day and implement launch strategies well in advance and during your podcast’s circulation.

Meet your Trainer – Trey Scott

Trey has more than 3-decades in the production arenas of live television news, broadcast television, documentary and Public Broadcasting production. His local production company, Three Flames Productions, generates and crafts content for the music industry, for local businesses, events and special projects that include “clickable-and-snackable” content for social media and websites.

Trey also has a start-up and platform, WatchPitch Inc., which helps start-ups and entrepreneurs to craft their 60-second pitch to investors where they review these pitches and deal flow for funding can start in a matter of moments… instead of taking months and months. Trey’s WatchPitch Podcast (found on Stitcher, Spotify and in the iTunes store, to name a few) is currently in its 40th episode and focuses on the world of start-ups and investors.

“The key with all story-crafting and production is a combination of heart, passion and commitment to learning the tools of production and successful distribution,” Trey emphasizes. “When these are accomplished you can build a business with your audience who ultimately share your passions – translation: win-win.”