Thought Leader Mindset

Thought leadership requires knowing who you are, deeply and authentically, and standing in the embodied personal power that only comes from aligning with your own truth.  The world is hungry for thought leaders that bring soul, vulnerability, and depth to their brand, leaders that tell personal story, and leaders that bring their personal evolution to their professional platform. But to be this kind of thought leader, you have to know yourself deeply, practice discernment and clarity, and navigate the inevitable self doubt and imposter syndrome before you stand confidently in your thought leadership. 

In this two-part training, participants will gain tools to develop the embodiment of their own soulful truth in alignment with their brand; from mindful practices, developing personal attunement to truth, to courageous practices for standing in your truth. Participants will be (safely) challenged to identify where they are out of personal alignment and what that’s costing them in their business momentum (what we seek to bury will find us on this journey!), and how to transform these blocks. This series will bolster and empower, through mind and body. It will honor where you’ve been as well as align you with the truth of where your soul wants you to go. This is thought leadership, but this is a soulful journey that involves more than the mind! Let’s get all parts of you on board. 

Meet your Trainer – Sarah Poet

What would it be like to live in full alignment with who you are really meant to be? As a coach, writer, speaker, soul doula, educator, modern healer, and space holder, Sarah Poet invites you to embody your soulful and authentic truth so that you can live the life you came to live. 

Sarah created her practice, Embodied Breath, after a successful career in Special Education and School Leadership, merging gifts both professional and personal into a trauma-informed, energy-infused, presence-based, soulful, truthy, transformative coaching business for individuals and couples. She also creates interactive group experiences and keynotes. 

Sarah loves investigating the deep dive, loves asking the big questions, and loves to invite a conversation about the archetypal masculine and feminine in our modern world. In a world riddles with disconnection and suffering, Sarah advocates that we take action to align with our true selves as a matter of necessity. 

Through working with Sarah:

  • You remember and honor the sacred truth within you, the truths you buried along the way. You work through your blocks and traumas to stand firmly in your truth, and speak it with clarity and conviction. 
  • You naturally begin to live in love, connecting consciously and deeply with people who are energetically deserving of what you have to offer. 
  • You embody your truth in the creations you are bringing forward into the world, channeling your own soulful wisdom and grace into the gifts you choose to bring forward, whether that’s the food you put on your table to the presentations you bring to the boardroom. 
  • You bring forward the embodiment of our personal truth and change the world, starting with your own. 

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