thought leader sales strategies

Thought Leader Sales Strategies

Building Sales Ready Organizations and Strategies for Leaders


We will lay the foundation to transform your company into a Sales Ready Organization (SRO), where you are positioned to increase revenue and find new clients quickly.

Here are the key traits of a Sales Ready Organization. This kind of company:

  • Understands and clearly articulates the Mission and Vision
  • Understands its Unique Value Proposition
  • Knows its customers and target market
  • Is prepared to invest in marketing and sales for growth
  • Is ready to work on the business
  • Is clear on sales goals and has a plan to accomplish them

We will determine where you currently stand as a Sales Ready Organization using an SRO assessment and identify gaps that may be limiting your growth. The SRO assessment benchmarks your current status to help you quickly understand where you are, and what to do about it.

We cover sales strategies critical for your business’ survival based on the lens of People, Strategy, and Technology.

This course is for Maxed-Out CEOs who are leading their companies and carrying the sales load. And for CEO’s who are ready to increase revenue and profits and have more time and energy to focus on achieving their business vision.

Meet your Trainer – Chris Filipiak

My name is Chris Filipiak. I’m “The Connector.”

I love everything about sales – the people, the value, the process, the stories, the emotion, the wins, and the challenge. Sales and entrepreneurship have been an amazing vehicle for my personal and professional growth.

Engineering taught me how to solve problems and figure things out. I learned systems thinking, integration, and technology. I studied Industrial and Operations Engineering because I was fascinated by how human and machine systems work. And designing and building the workflows for a successful sales organization is very similar to laying out a manufacturing plant. The People, the Strategy, and the Tech all need to come together to produce the desired result.

My work experience and MBA taught me strategic thinking, business, and sales. I’ve worked across business functions from engineering and procurement to marketing and sales. I’ve worked with fortune 50 companies and small startups. This experience has given me a solid strategic understanding of what makes business and sales fail or succeed.

I’m deep on Mindset and People! I have a passion for seeing people be the best versions of themselves — myself included. And I know that the most significant impact on your sales is what’s going on in your head. So, we are going to work there too. We have to.

If you are ready, I’m ready.