thought leader success habits

Thought Leader Success Habits

Cultivating a Pattern for Victory

The bottom line is this…you’re already amazing and doing incredible things in this world, in your work, in your lives, in your community…but you want to upgrade to a new level and tweak some things. You have dreams and visions that you’re working towards, you want to experience more of yourself, you want to enhance the opportunities you’re bringing in, you know that you’re the one that gets in your own way both consciously and subconsciously, you know you could be feeling better, and you want to better prepare yourself for a more amplified level of your own success (whatever that means to you) so that as it comes and grows you have the energy and capacity to handle it, enjoy it and do good with it.

This workshop series will integrate ancient yogic science & technology with life & business strategies for victory.

Learn, utilize, and apply fast working, easy to implement tools to:

  • Better face the challenges of this fast paced, technological modern-day life with strength, steadiness, caliber, and humor.
  • Optimize brain function, amplify creativity & energy, increase clarity & mental agility, upgrade habits, reconfigure patterns, break through blocks, resistance, & neurotic thought forms, and manage stress & brain fatigue.

Experience more confidence, power, personal edge, happiness, vitality, intuition, grit, and capacity to process, enjoy, and participate in your life and success at a more accelerated level.

Meet your Trainer – Melody Isis Herman

Pop Benefits Founder, Broker, Coach, Teacher, Yogic Scientist

Melody uses her unique blend of humor, expertise, and intuition to support entrepreneurs in their path of excellence.

As an agent, she presents insurance in a fresh, loving, manageable way so that her peers are equipped with knowledge and the appropriate plans as life and business continue to evolve.

As a coach, she offers non-traditional concepts and tools to minimize stress, make decisions from an experiential place of power, amplify creativity, clarity, vitality, and intelligence, gain competitive edge, reprogram habits and patterns, and generate the long-lasting pattern of success.

Melody is a disruptor in her field, with her Insurance Crash Courses that take the “What-Ifs Out of Entrepreneurship,” and her programs & workshops such as Intentional Networking & Strategic Network Building; Master Your Intentions; and most recently, Neurohacking & The Pattern of Success.

She is part of the Asheville 40 Under 40 Class of 2016, she serves as a core leader, connector, supporter and growth initiator within the Asheville startup and entrepreneurial community in her role as Lead Organizer of 1 Million Cups Asheville (which was Honored as Resource Organization of 2018 and just celebrated its 5 Year Anniversary), and is a Facilitator for the Foundations Business Planning Class and Coach at Mountain BizWorks.