Building a Global Platform Digital Course


Fast-Track the construction of your Thought Leadership Platform in this 90 minute digital course, taught by TLSH Founder, Emily Breedlove. In the intensive instructional series, you’ll have access 15 video modules and 20 templates, which will clarify the necessary steps of building out your own Global Platform.

During the course, Emily will walk you through the following topics in her video classes:

  1. Laying the Groundwork
  2. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  3. Finding your Thought Leader Magic with the Ikigai
  4. Opportunity Discovery Canvas
  5. Drafting your Bio & Mission Statement
  6. LEAN Canvas Model
  7. Defining Your Core Message
  8. Ideal Customer Avatars (ICA)
  9. Building Your Brand Map
  10. Creating a Marketing Strategy
  11. Conducting Market Research
  12. Your Digital Infrastructure
  13. Mapping Sales Funnels
  14. Thought Leader Products
  15. Next Steps

You also are provided proven templates for taking immediate action around the critical elements of building your platform, so you aren’t left guessing or searching for solutions. Included in this course, you will receive the following tools:

  1. Digital Course Checklist
  2. Determining Your own Ikigai
  3. Opportunity Discovery Canvas
  4. Bio & Mission Statement Template
  5. LEAN Business Model Canvas
  6. Core Message Template
  7. Defining Your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)
  8. Brand Experience Asset Checklist
  9. Brand Map Template
  10. Main Marketing Channels Canvas
  11. Editorial Calendar Goal Sheet
  12. 2020 Editorial Calendar Instructions
  13. 2020 Editorial Calendar Template
  14. Market Research SWOT Analysis
  15. Market Research Parameters Template
  16. Digital Infrastructure Template
  17. Sales Funnel Template, Part 1
  18. Sales Funnel Template, Part 2
  19. Thought Leader Products, Part 1
  20. Thought Leader Products, Part 2

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